Dentist discussing using a monitorPeople who are burdened with missing teeth and bad oral health are increasing every year and so is the popularity of dental implants. Whether the result of dental fear that has led to bad oral hygiene, an accident, or gum disease, missing and badly decayed teeth are a regular occurrence for dentists in Melbourne.

Missing teeth can cause extreme stress to a person, given that regular dental implants can take from a few weeks to several months in order to be completed. Luckily, patients can now benefit from same day dental implants in Melbourne, provided by experienced implant dentists such as High Dental Implants.

Can teeth be really replaced with dental implants in a single day?

The premise of same-day dental implants in Melbourne is really simple. Ideally, the dentist will remove any remaining teeth on the same day in order for the same-day implants to fuse as safely as possible to the bone tissue. Prior to the operation, the dentist will take many pictures of the teeth and will discuss the treatment goals with the patient. On the day of the treatment, the remaining teeth will be removed and up to 4 dental implants will be installed into the jawbone.

Unlike regular dental implants, these implants are installed in a specific angle in order for the dentist to be able to apply the replacement teeth on top of them on the same day. These teeth are attractive and fully functional will act as normal teeth throughout the healing period and will be replaced with permanent restorations once this period has passed.

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Can everyone have new teeth in a day?

Same day teeth are ideal for patients with many missing and/or badly decayed teeth who are healthy to undertake oral surgery. Unlike regular dental implants, same-day dental implants can be installed on patients with limited or compromised jawbone density, since they are implanted differently into the jawbone. Patients with diabetes, problems with their immune system, gum disease or smokers can be eligible for this treatment under specific circumstances. A consultation with an implant dentist is an essential first step in determining their eligibility.