Dentist creating mold dentureThe stability of dentures in Richmond can be greatly improved by the use of implant technology. The patient gains a securely anchored base for their substitute teeth and will not have to use dental adhesives again. The stabilised dentures have all the functionality of natural teeth. Enjoying meals that involve chewing and biting into food will be no problem. Plus, the dentures remain in the mouth at all times, so there’s no need for the patient to remove them.

A Secure Procedure

Dentures in Richmond are stabilised in a meticulous procedure. At a London dental practice such as Sheen Dental Implants, the patient will have a consultation with their dental team. It’s important for the patient to have a sufficiently dense jawbone, and a healthy mouth, before treatment can start. Some preliminary work might be required before the next step.

Then there’s a minor surgical process, in which the dentist places small metal posts into the patient’s jawbone. After a brief rest period, the patient will return to the dental practice, where their dentures are affixed to the implanted posts.

Health and Cosmetic Bonuses

Dentures in Richmond offer many benefits after they’re stabilised with implants:

  • the strong bond formed between the jawbone and the implanted metal makes a stable and powerful base for the replacement teeth
  • adhesives will become a thing of the past, and there’s no need to worry about the dentures moving around or falling out at mealtimes
  • good oral hygiene is easier to achieve
  • pronouncing some words and phrases can be easier
  • the bone structure of the face will not deteriorate, as it can do if missing teeth are not replaced for many years.
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A Future of Stability

Dentures in Richmond that have been stabilised with implants significantly improve a patient’s experience of replacement teeth. Loose dentures can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. The long-lasting enhancements of the implant procedure are a step in the direction of dental comfort. People who want to optimise their dentures in Richmond will have many years of enjoyment after this procedure is complete. The durability of implants makes them a popular option with people whose natural teeth are missing.