a woman at the dentistWhen it first came on the market in the late 90s, the Invisalign system was a burst of fresh air. As far as self-conscious patients were concerned, the option of having their teeth straightened with transparent, removable aligners was nothing short of revolutionary.

Today, Invisalign in Kings Hill helps hundreds of patients to a straighter, happier smile, without the inconvenience of conspicuous braces, at dental surgeries in the local area such as One Smile Oral Care.

Invisalign in Kings Hill: Pros and Cons

One big advantage of fixed braces is that they are fixed in place, and the patient doesn’t have to remember to take them out and put them back in. Of course, the braces need to be kept clean, which takes extra work, but there’s no danger of the treatment lapsing because the patient forgot to put their braces back in.

Invisalign in Kings Hill has the great benefit of being removable. This means that the aligner trays are taken out for eating or drinking anything other than plain water, and for cleaning. This makes life easier in one way: there’s no chance of food getting caught in brackets or wires and increasing the risk of tooth decay. These braces are whipped out, cleaned, teeth are cleaned, and they are popped back in, ready to get to work again.

But there is always the risk the patient may forgot to put them in again. They may take them out for a special occasion and have a few drinks, then wake up wondering where their braces are. Or, it could be that they go out for a celebratory meal and in the excitement forget to put the aligners back in until morning.

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This isn’t necessarily a disaster: it is okay to remove Invisalign in Kings Hill for an hour or two, but the aligners do need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day to work to their best effect. Otherwise, treatment will take longer, or the patient may need to start again.

But for someone with the discipline and awareness to care for Invisalign in Kings Hill, these clear braces offer a discreet and simple way to a straighter smile.