Hairdresser's scissors with combsHair thinning scissors are tools of the trade for barbers and they need to be handled with care. Of course, barbers want to get the best return out of their quality pair of hairdressing scissors.

Here are some brilliant ways to prolong the service life of your hairdressing scissors in the UK.


It is always wise to have your pair of scissors sharpened by an experienced vendor. Proper maintenance of hair thinning scissors ensures that they have long-lasting, sharp edges. A reputable scissors sharpening service provider has the tools needed for re-balancing and sharpening your scissors.


It is advisable to open your hairdressing scissors to an angle of 90 degrees after cleaning and drying them and apply drops of oil to the pivots. Lubrication helps push the hair, debris and dirt that is stuck under the axles. One way to prolong the service life of your scissors is to lubricate them every day. Lubrication will likewise help protect the scissors from moisture and chemical corrosion.


You need to keep your scissors at a safe box or drawer at the end of a long day. It is likewise recommendable to keep the blades closed when the scissors are not in use to reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. You can also use a protective case to store them.

Regular maintenance can ensure that your shears maintain that optimum performance and last for many years in your hairdressing career. After use, it is always wise to wipe them and apply a coat of oil to the blades to prevent corrosion.

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Oiling a pair of hairdressing scissors takes only a few minutes and can help maintain the optimum performance of carbon steel scissors. You also need to store the blades in a safe place, preferably in a case or wallet, or hang them to avoid accidental cuts.