Business man drawing with his left handIf you’re left-handed, you probably realised early that the world wasn’t meant for you. The school desks were wrong, the guitar you tried to play was wrong, even holding your cards when playing a game of poker felt wrong. Being a lefty can be difficult, and you’ve definitely needed to adapt.

A Right-Handed World

Good luck with scissors, especially if you’re cutting hair. Manufacturers don’t make most regular items for left-handed people like you. That’s why companies such as Scissor Tech Australia make custom items so people like you are able use everyday things properly.

Scissors, can openers, computer keyboards, game console controllers and a host of other things were made without you in mind. Yes, you can re-string your guitar to play it properly or change your phone settings so you can take a photo with your left hand, but it’s not that easy.

You’ll still fumble with your metro tickets, doorknobs, and writing in general. You adapted, maybe without even knowing it, because it’s better than complaining — and that made you a little more resilient to the world.

A Problem at Work

Practically everything in your workplace was meant for right-handed people. It can be simply adapting if you work on a desk — but it becomes risky when you work with power tools.

Most circular saws and chainsaws are made for right-handed people — and these tools can be dangerous when used left-handed. You could always bring your own tools — but now you’ve added a workplace hazard if your right-handed friend uses it.

There are workarounds, and some companies make products that can be safe to use with either hand — this is especially important when dealing with power tools.

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The Advantages

Of course, being left-handed does have some advantages. In sports, you’ve probably squared off with right-handed people all your life, while they rarely encounter a lefty. Interactive sports, or sports where you face an opponent head-on, can give left-handed people certain advantages.

Sports such as baseball, fencing, badminton and table tennis have a disproportionate amount of left-handed athletes than normal. Boxing is a sport where left-handed boxers enjoy an advantage, and numerous southpaws have claimed the championship time and time again.

Being left-handed has probably made you stronger without you knowing it. You’ve adapted to a world not made for you — and thrived. You’re definitely more adaptable and resilient than your right-handed counterparts.