Two women shoppingBeing plus-sized has always made it difficult for women to shop for clothes. In the past, stores didn’t carry enough stylish designs, and a lot of women had no choice but to wear men’s t-shirts and loose pants.

Thankfully, the tide has turned! Fashion is now celebrating curvy, big, beautiful women and offering them a wide range of clothing options. Besides well-stocked physical stores, there are online outlets, such as Verona Couture, that offer stylish and flattering choices for any shape or size.

Here, then, are a couple of things to remember when shopping for plus-sized clothing:

Build a Diverse Inventory

Every woman needs a closet with basic items they can mix and match. It’s important to invest in key items can be your go-to for various occasions. For example, a dark- or a light-colored blazer could be your trusted pieces for dressier occasions.

You could leave this at the office and slip it on when there are impromptu meetings or client calls. You’ll also need at least one little black dress and high-quality, dark-colored pants.

It’s important to add color to your wardrobe. Just because black is flattering doesn’t mean you have to wear this one color all the time. If you’re top-heavy, wear dark-colored shirts or blouses and pair them with a light-colored bottom.

If you’re heavier from the waist down, wear a light-colored top with dark pants, jeans, or a long skirt. This draws attention away from the “problem areas” and allows you to wear different color combinations and prints.

Know What Works

Experts suggest trying on different outfits and combinations to have a good understanding of what cuts, styles or designs work for your body type.

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From there, you could start dressing up to accentuate your assets. If you have curves, show them off! If your best asset is your décolletage, wear V-neck or low-cut tops and dresses.

Always remember to dress fashionably and tastefully. There’s a whole world of choices to explore, so don’t be afraid to be creative and bold!