group of hunters in a field carrying a rifleMore than a recreational activity, hunting is recognized as a sport by many outdoorsmen. It requires the same skillset that any sports needs — skill, timing, and precision. In Michigan, one of the most popular games for hunting is deer. The Wolverine State ranks second as of a survey in 2018.

If you’ve ever felt the call of the wild — or freshly caught venison — but have no idea how, don’t fret. Most hunting stores in Michigan are staffed with experts to not only equip you with the best gear but also arm you with a few tips to help you bag that buck. But if you want to be a step ahead of your target, here are a few pointers for hunting for beginners:

Weapon of Choice

All hunters need a weapon, and the best place to start is with a rifle. While there are multiple tools for hunting, a rifle is the safest choice for the novice hunter. When picking your rifle, find one that can accomplish its task efficiently (in this case kill the deer quickly and painlessly,) fit you properly, and shoot well.

Picking the right gun can make or break you as a hunter so feel free to take your time and look at all the models accessible to you. Shoulder the weapon, test out the actions, and check the sights. These can help you with your selection.

Game Theory

Before you even begin tracking your prey, it’s important to know that various states have different hunting laws. In Michigan, different types of game have different levels of licenses, so it’s important to know what animal you are hunting.

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Hunting is as much about being outdoors as it is about research and tactics. Don’t be afraid to talk to more experienced hunters and ask for tips. They can give you information like where the best spots are and when the hunting season starts.

There’s nothing more rewarding—and more nutritious—than the satisfaction of fresh meat. And the feeling of being able to do it yourself is even more rewarding. Remember that like in all sports, hunting has its rules. So be sure to follow them, and you can be cooking fresh meat in no time.