photo of a pontoon boatSome people think that boats are all the same, regardless of the size. Well, that is not true; a pontoon boat requires special attention. If you want to increase the usability of your pontoon boat in Michigan, here are some helpful maintenance tips:

Covering the Boat

Covering your boat protects it from damage due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and harsh weather elements. If you are not using your boat for a long time, you can put it in an indoor space that is moisture-free and sheltered. Covering your boat and storing it indoors protects the quality and color of the boat.

Right Cleaning Products

A pontoon boat is made of aluminum, and you need to get the proper cleaning products. These cleaners have special substances that polish and brighten the metal on your boat, and soap and water will not offer you this.

Regular Waxing

Despite the regular cleaning, you need to wax your boat frequently. The quality of the wax will determine how frequent your boat waxing should be. The wax contains filters that protect your boat against the harsh weather elements.


Inspecting your pontoon boat will help you spot parts of the boat that need special attention. You can spot part that require replacement or repair before their condition gets worse and therefore maintain the state of your boat.

Engine Flushing

Salt water is harsh on your pontoon boat, and experts advise that you flush your engine after you use your boat in a body of salt water. Failure to flush the engine will compromise the durability of your boat’s engine.

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A pontoon boat offers a different boating experience than an ordinary boat, but you need to conduct the maintenance that this boat requires. You will not only increase the life of your boat but also keep it in excellent condition.