Old Abandoned HouseAlthough most paranormal phenomena can be looked at logically, it can be jarring when no rational explanation is present.

Whether it’s at home, a school, an office, or a hospital, if these signs are present, there’s a very big chance that it’s haunted. St. Paul horror experts, hauntingexperience.com give these tips to know when an otherworldly presence is in the area.

1. Drops in Temperature

A classic sign of the paranormal, cold spots are areas of a building that experience sudden drops in temperature. While it’s unclear why the presence of ghosts brings about a cold spell, paranormal experts say that this is a sign of a supernatural being.

Before jumping to conclusions, however, make sure that the area is not in the way of a draft, a window, or anything that could cause it to get cold. A bonus tip: bring a space heater to the cold spot and crank it up. If it fails to get warm, it may just mean that a special “guest” is in the room.

2. Moving Things

One of the things people experience in haunted places is items appearing and disappearing. Although this can sometimes be attributed to carelessness, it can be hard to explain how a personal belonging might find itself in strange places, like unused closets or the oven.

Known as the Disappearing Object Phenomenon, some paranormal experts believe that this could be a sign of a malevolent entity, like a poltergeist…or worse. But fear not, some experts also believe that disappearing objects might be caused by random dimensional shifts, or even temporary invisibility, so that’s comforting.

3. Apparitions

Probably the surest sign of a haunting, apparitions are inexplicable visions of something supernatural. If you see a ghost, it’s important to let them be unless they contact you first. Should they try to engage you in conversation, be open and friendly, and try to listen to what they need.

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Be warned, however, that not all apparitions are friendly. Experts say that, should a person start feeling negative feelings like dread and fear, it’s best to vacate the premises as soon as possible. Get yourself somewhere safe, and contact a spiritual authority ASAP.