Women on yoga sessionYoga is subdivided into five categories, with meditation being the most important of them all. The practice is responsible for generating a serene feeling of mental calmness, which inadvertently transfers to the rest of the body senses.

Meditation can be classified as a wholesome experience which might take some time to master. Once mastered, however, it provides plenty of benefits that can transform your life. Vagabond Temple, which does meditation and yoga retreats, adds that the practice can provide a unique experience of living a healthy life.

Here are three yoga meditation techniques to explore:

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation, which is over 2,500 years old, is among the oldest and widely practiced meditation techniques to date. It helps in understanding the goal of your existence in this world. It also enables you to improve your relationship with other people, by helping you listen and understand their problem instead of just reacting.

Raja Yoga Meditation

This yoga gained popularity after being propagated by a few yoga scholars in the 19th century. It helps you to understand the essence of introspection and silence. It also enables you to improve clarity with your thoughts and concentration in your activities. As such, it boosts your self-worth and helps you find your purpose in life and work toward it.

Zen Meditation

Zen, a Chinese Buddhism oriented practice, has found its way to various monks and even western people living in a competitive working world. It helps in relaxation and stress management. It also offers ways in which you can solve the source of your problems instead of getting temporary solutions for them. Generally, it helps you make better and wiser life choices.

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So meditation is good for you, but you can’t just plunge into the practice. You need to plan for it properly. Among the things you should focus on during preparation are; comfortable clothing, peaceful location, right timing, and most of all warming up before starting the asanas or poses.