Man repairing a water heater1Keeping your water heater operating at optimal efficiency extends its life. By carrying out routine maintenance practices, you could prevent problems from happening. Whipple Service Champions and other water heater repair specialists in Utah share some of the ways you can extend the life of your heater.

Install an additional anode rod

Installing a second anode rod can extend the life of your heater’s tank. Water heater tanks usually undergo galvanic corrosion. When that happens, the tank becomes vulnerable. When you use a magnesium or aluminum rod, it slows down this corrosion because its purpose is to be consumed to protect the lining of the tank. In case you are using an aluminum rod, it is important to check it regularly because it can split off into pieces owing to corrosion.

Flush the tank

An anode rod does not prevent sentiment to build up. Cleaning the tank and flushing it would eradicate this build-up of minerals and substances. In case you notice particles in the water from the hot water faucet, it’s time to drain the tank. It’s critical to turn off the gas or electricity before initiating draining. Attaching a hose to the tank’s drain valve and letting it drain completely would do the trick.

Test the pressure valve

A pressure relief valve is a safety feature that helps prevent damage to water heating appliances and even dangerous explosions. The valve works by relieving the tank of excess pressure. Ensuring that this valve is working at optimal efficiency from time to time would help avoid damage to your heater and prevent accidents as well.

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Maintaining your water heater on your own, however, may not be enough. It is advisable to hire a reliable HVAC contractor for inspections and maintenance practices that you cannot carry out by yourself.