Close-up shot of diamondsThe typical image of a proposal is a man down on his knee as he opens a little red box with an enormous diamond ring waiting for his girl to answer the most awaited question: “Will you marry me?” The girl, overwhelmed by the gesture and astounded by the beauty of the ring, says “yes!”

A form of expression

Jewelry represents countless emotions and motives. Some people use jewelry as a profession of love — diamonds, to be specific. People say that diamonds are “forever.” As such, most men use them when proposing to their partners as it implies that their love is as eternal as the diamonds they came with.

Others use pieces of jewelry to display their social status. Some people even get custom jewelry in Salt Lake City for this purpose. In most countries, gold and stones are expensive thus having these things created a stereotype of what a “rich” person is capable of having.


You could use several gemstones as a part of a piece of jewelry. More than the beauty of each color, gemstones represent different legends and myths.

  • Aquamarine for eternal life
  • Citrine for success and prosperity
  • Diamond, a symbol of eternal love
  • Emerald symbolizes love and rebirth
  • Fancy Diamonds, true miracles of nature
  • Garnet protects against nightmares
  • Jade to preserve a body after death
  • Pearls for timelessness
  • Ruby for passion, love, courage, and emotion
  • Sapphire for honesty, purity, trust, and loyalty

With a personal touch

With all the different reasons you want a piece of jewelry, it is just an excellent idea to customize it — tailoring it even more to your style or purpose. Some jewelers can create exquisite pieces from scrap. They can buy unwanted pieces of jewelry to turn it into something one can die for.

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Like a man’s offering during a proposal, a piece of jewelry is an icing on a cake. The cake represents the giver who thoroughly thought about his love as he chooses the ring.