Korean foodA karaoke party is one of the best ways to de-stress and bond with friends or colleagues. It is a time to loosen up, sway to the beat, and reach those high notes (or try to reach them, at least). Keeping up with the music could get tiring, though. Shrine, a karaoke bar in LA, says it works up the appetite. For this reason, food is always a necessity at singing parties.

When you’re looking for a place to hold your next singing session, consider a venue that offers Korean food. Koreans are more than familiar with the concept of booking a private room to sing with friends or colleagues—they call it a noraebang—and they prepare some of the best food for such activities.


Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most famous dishes. It is basically thin, marinated slices of beef grilled on a barbecue or a stove-top griddle. Traditional bulgogi recipes are spicy with a hint of sweetness because they soak the meat in soy sauce, sugar, and Korean pear juice beforehand. Some recipes, however, use salt as seasoning to bring out the meat’s natural flavor.

If your party is not a fan of beef, you may opt for pork bulgogi instead. They are essentially the same dish but the meat is different.

Kimchi Fried Rice

You may take the bulgogi alone but for something a little heavier, you may partner it with kimchi fried rice—kimchi cannot be missing from a Korean food-related list, of course. This dish is a combination of kimchi, rice, and other additional ingredients such as meat and vegetables. Some variations may even have a sunny-side-up and strips of dried seaweed on top of it.

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No party is complete without drinks and Korean cuisine does not disappoint in this arena. Down the bulgogi and kimchi fried rice with Korea’s renowned alcoholic drink: soju. It is distilled rice liquor with some semblance of vodka, the perfect drink in between your turn with the microphone.

Korean cuisine has so much to offer. You are only scratching the surface with bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and soju. Nevertheless, have them at your next singing session with friends or colleagues and you’re all set for a night of singing and bopping to the music.