Woman smiling for the cameraYou need not spend a fortune to look good. In fact, looking fashionable is more than wearing the latest or the most expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories. With a slight change in your everyday fashion, you can start to appear trendy. Here are some tips to look more fashionable:

The scarf is necessary

For most, the scarf is worn only during the winter. It’s a necessary accessory if you want to look fashionable. Everyday Cashmere says that good cashmere scarves can instantly brighten up a drab outfit. If you have a boring black shirt, for instance, a bright scarf can go a long way in improving your appearance.

Wear those wrong shoes

What would you choose for your footwear? If it feels right, choose just the complete opposite. Forgo those high heels and choose flat booties or sneakers instead. The more inappropriate it feels, the trendier it is. Shoes are often the first thing people spot upon meeting you.

Mix small and big

Sounds a bit funny, but wearing a crop top with a ball skirt can make you appear instantly fashionable. Fashion is all about balancing contrast and proportion. Make sure you mix hard and soft colors too, and tight with lose. The more different the clothes are, the more fashionable they look.

Wear a label

There’s something about wearing a label that’s iconic that will give a positive impression to people. It’s why the trendiest people wear Versace to look good. Fashion is all about brand, not price.

Don’t leave out the hat

A well-refined look is what will make you look trendy. A hat may look a little bit odd, but that’s what fashion is all about. However, don’t go for a fascinator. You may end up looking weird instead of fashionable.

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You can look trendy without having to spend a lot of money. By making a few lifestyle changes, you can begin to make a good impression from today.