Wedding RingThe wedding ring symbolizes everlasting commitment—the depth of a man and woman’s love. It makes sense that the precious trinket holds a special place in any bride’s jewelry collection. Its value then calls for an exhaustive search for that one perfect ring, similar to how you looked for your soul mate.

But unlike your search for the right one, shopping for wedding rings is easier; whether you’re a traditional bride in Utah or a glamorous one in LA, you can use the following trends as a guide.

The Heirloom Style

Vintage style is big this year. You can look for rings that evoke a Victorian era or the art deco period. Whichever era you choose, you’ll never go wrong with a vintage-inspired design. It not only has timeless appeal, but flaunts luxury, too.

Colored gemstones

The popularity of colored gems has increased over the years. The combination of diamond with colored gemstones creates an elegant and striking style for any bride. You should opt for a color that suits your wedding theme or one that stands out. You can try the deep blue of sapphire or the rich red of ruby. You can also choose colored diamonds.

If you can’t decide which color to go with, consider the meaning behind different palettes.

Floral Details

Charming, whimsical—romantic. You can only get all three from floral details. And this style is seen in most wedding rings, most recently on bridal fashion shows.

These styles are bound to dazzle any crowd as you walk down the aisle. Pick the style that you think will create your desired impression. Of course, don’t forget to consider personal preference; floral accents might be trending, but if you prefer the glamour of a square-shaped diamond, go with the latter.

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A wedding ring is forever. So take your time in finding the right one.