Moissanite jewelryCaring for your Moissanite jewelry is fairly straightforward, all you need is a bit of TLC. Although these out-of-this-world gems are one of earth’s toughest gemstones, taking care of these babies preserves their setting and brings out their fire and color.

Keep your Moissanite jewellery at their best with these tips:

Keep the gunk off.

Unlike diamonds, Moissanite gems are not oleophilic. So your stone won’t attract grease and oil every time it’s touched. But in time, a layer of film can set on the stone and particles can get stuck in the setting.

A simple detergent bath or cold water bath can fix these. For the detergent bath, you’ll only need a mild liquid soap (no harsh soaps or chemicals please) and water. Use a tablespoon of soap for every quart of water. For the cold water mix, a solution made of ¾ parts water and ¼ household ammonia would do the trick.

Soak the jewellery for around 10 minutes and gently clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Check for stuck sediments and rinse if any are left. recommends that owners clean their Moissanite jewelry about once a month. They also advise against drying jewelry with cloth or towels and recommend drying them with a blow drier.

Give them their own space.

Since Moissanites are hard, they can scratch each other or other stones. You can prevent this from happening by keeping them in separate containers.

Reconsider where you’ll wear them.

Most people love their Moissanite jewelry and would like to wear them as often as possible. But taking care of your Moissanite jewelry also means not wearing them in these situations:

Engaging in strenuous physical activities. This includes heavy lifting, working out at the gym and playing sports. Moissanites are tough but they can be chipped by a sudden hard blow.

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Swimming and anything involving chlorine. Chlorine can damage and discolor your jewelry’s mounting. So your stone’s luster and color might stay the same but your setting won’t be able to do your stone justice.

That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Just clean your moissanite jewelry regularly, store them properly and take them off in certain instances. With these tips, your Moissanites’ beauty will always show and you won’t have to replace your setting every few years.