Travelers looking for the destinationIsrael is an old land. It is probably as old as the Bible itself, and what makes it a favorite tourist destination are its rich history, interesting and colorful culture, and its connections to the stories in the Bible. No trip to Israel will ever be meaningful without seeing the places mentioned in the Holy Book.

Here are some top tourist spots you should visit when in the country:

Yad Vashem Museum

To see the best Israel offers, you have to stay in the country for at least a week or two. Trip specialist Cruise Lady recommends traveling with those who share your faith as it will undoubtedly enrich the experience.

Your LDS Israel tour should include a visit to the Yad Vashem Museum, otherwise known as the Holocaust Memorial Museum. A lot of tourists get emotional in this museum, especially after seeing the horrific history and persecution of the Jews.

Western Wall, Tower of David

Your time would not suffice just by strolling around the old city of Jerusalem. Do not miss the Western Wall, the Tower of David, the Christian and Jewish quarters, Mount of Olives, and Mount Zion. You might also want to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The Dead Sea and others

Another notable place in the Holy Land is the world-famous Dead Sea. Not a swimmer? No problem. The high density and salt content of the sea will just make you float.

Head north and traverse the mountains of the Galilee. These green mountains are a sharp contrast to the terracotta lands of Israel. Meanwhile, you can also watch the sunset at Negev Desert.

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The Garden Tomb

Visit the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, famous for being the spot where they buried Jesus Christ (and for believers, resurrected). This place alone is peaceful and beautiful, perfect for meditations. Admission to the Garden Tomb is free.

Take a stroll in Mahane Yehuda, learn a thing or two about the Kishle prison excavations, be amazed by the Israeli Museum, and empty your wallets in the Jaffa night flea market.

The Holy Land is more than just the place where prophets lived. It is a land of promise, history, and tradition. A trip to this country will always be worth it.