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You’ve tried every imaginable product — pencil, gel, powder, pomade, even stencils and stamps — to create perfect eyebrows that last. While some of these products work, it could be time-consuming to recreate arches that are on fleek every single day. As most of these products aren’t fully waterproof, maintaining your brows while participating in water activities like swimming could be a problem.

Aesthetic physician Dr. Leslie Gerstman introduces a solution that can up the brow game for many women in New York: microblading. A form of tattoo artistry, microblading differs from a regular tattoo because the ink does not go as deep into the skin. With this semi-permanent eyebrow solution, clients can have small, precise strokes that resemble natural hair microbladed onto their brow area.

Before and During the Process

Preparation for the treatment involves steering clear of aspirin, alcohol, and other substances that could thin the blood. Furthermore, if you use retinol, professionals suggest that you refrain from using it at least a week before the treatment. Retinol can make the skin thinner, so continued use while about to undergo the microblading procedure can cause you to bleed more.

Just like with traditional tattoos, pain is relative. Some people feel the pain more than others; some manage fairly well. In general, however, patients describe it as bearable: you definitely feel it, but it’s usually nothing more than a mild feeling of discomfort. Your aesthetician is also likely to use a topical numbing cream to dull the post-procedure pain.

Aftercare Pointers

If you live an active lifestyle, you may need to shy away from HITs and any form of sweaty activity, at least for the first few days, as you need to protect your brows from moisture. Some patients may experience itching and redness, but these will go away after the first week. Your new, bold brows will look slightly darker at the beginning, but the color will fade by 30-40 % after a few weeks.

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The new, microbladed eyebrows are likely to last up to three years. That’s three years of waking up with perfectly shaped arches for your #wokeuplikethis posts!