room divider in SingaporeFolding screens have been used in decoration for decades. It comes in many forms and in a wide range of materials. All you need to do is decide where to put it and how you want to use it.

Back to Basics

In general, the primary use of a folding screen is to divide a room. Because these screens are generally lightweight and easily repositioned, a large room can be quickly segmented when necessary. For dinner parties, you can use it to separate the serving area from the dining area or provide a visual cue for where specific activities are to be held. Another way to use folding screens is for privacy. If there are things you don’t want visitors to see, you can always put up a folding screen to mask clutter.

Getting Creative

Another use for screens is as a furniture backdrop. Folding screens make a great faux backing for your backless couch or function as a headboard.

If you love to DIY, these can make a great canvas, too. If you have an old screen that you want to dress up, create a masterful piece of home-crafted art by refurbishing it. Depending on the type of screen you have, you can:

  • Sand off the existing finish and repaint it
  • Add some wallpaper to the panels for a decorative touch, or
  • Take out the panels and attach fabric to the frame

These can even be used to display family photos or children’s artwork. Another bonus, particularly for screens made of heavy material, is that it can accommodate shelving or storage units. It might prevent the screen from folding as it should; however, it gives you the advantage of extra vertical storage space.

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Where to Buy

Folding screen room dividers are easily purchased in Singapore’s furniture stores like Just Anthony. Have an idea whether you wish to use it as it is or embellish it further. Furniture showrooms can overwhelm you with their array of options. Be it antique furnishing to modern ones, knowing what you need will go a long way in finding the perfect piece for your home.