Square Leaf aims to heighten awareness on creating a cleaner and greener environment. As one of the most widely visited online networks for news and information, we offer readers environmentally sustainable ideas and other useful tips on how to be cleaner and greener citizens.

What Is Our Mission?

Square Leaf wants to reach out to the global community and make them stand with us in preserving the natural beauty of our environment. We also want our readers to know that it’s possible to do this while enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle. By providing access to information about the impact of everyday affairs in our natural home, we believe we can help revolutionize our journey to becoming more environmentally conscious people.

Who Is Our Website For?

We cater to young professionals and adults who aspire to live sustainable lifestyles and make the world a better place to live in. Apart from providing readers with a blog where we can spread our message of eco-friendliness, we also aim to forge relationships with our vast readership. We want them to know that we’re here to walk them through every step on the way to a greener way of life.

What Is Our Blog About?

Our content covers a wide range of topics that is recent, interesting, useful and easy-to-understand. Unlike publications that cover “traditional” green issues, we want our readers to go the extra mile. It’s up to us to impart a better quality of life on the future generation by leaving as little damage to nature as possible. Hence, Square Leaf encompasses topics about health, home, beauty, food, and community development.