Newlyweds smiling while walking the aisleIn the United States, getting married is a serious business. In 2018 alone, the average cost of the event is almost $30,000. In Colorado, the state average is $31,000. The year 2019 looks like it’s not going to be any different, save for one: some trends are coming up. Call up an event planner in Aspen to help you plan your wedding with these ideas in mind:

1. Greens

Couples these days are trying to be more sustainable. For example, more brides and grooms opt for an outdoor wedding. In 2019, women are more likely to incorporate more greens into their bouquets. There is a possible demand for nature-related wedding favors. These can include seeds, herbs, and DIY beauty products such as scrubs.

2. Multi-Day Wedding

One of the biggest changes in a wedding is its length. Before, it’s a one-time affair. Today, it can run for as long as three days. Multi-day weddings are getting popular for many reasons. One, it gives the couples a perfect excuse to do it in another state or country. Second, it gives all the guests enough time to get to know one another. In the process, it makes the wedding more intimate. Multi-day weddings can also introduce unique experiences to the guests. As a result, the event becomes even more memorable.

Most multi-day weddings begin on a Friday, so more people can attend. It also explains why in 2019 most “I Dos” will happen on a Sunday.

3. Simplicity

Gone are the days when the keyword for weddings was “over the top.” Many couples now adhere to the cliché that simplicity is beauty. Brides, for instance, are more likely to opt for a no-makeup look and hairstyle.

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Make no mistake about it, though. Couples still want a touch of elegance and royalty into their wedding. For this reason, in 2019, they may choose shades of purple over pastels and add more flowers to the centerpiece.

With its complexity and challenges, planning a wedding takes time. If you’re planning to tie the knot in 2019, there’s no better time to start it than today.