a woman getting a beauty treatmentAs much as celebrities and Instagram influencers make looking beautiful effortless, beauty is still a lot of work. Work that pays off, though. When you swear by these rituals below, it’s a guarantee; you’ll get the beautiful face and body to die for:

1. Put on face masks.

Face masks can do wonders on your skin, refining pores, reducing lines, and making it more supple. Remember though that when choosing face masks, keep in mind your skin type. This should guide you into which stuff to get.

Of course, don’t forget all the other skincare routines for your face. Your daytime routine should at least involve washing with gentle face cleanser, applying toners and anti-oxidant serums, and applying moisturizer (even if you have oily skin!).

Don’t forget to put on eye creams as well, as this will help prevent collagen loss in that wrinkle-prone area. You have to find products that suit well your skin. You may want to try the skin caviar collection and see if it fits you.

2. Go for a relaxing bath.

Give your skin a treat with some good dry body brushing before you get into the tub. Stroking your hands and feet gently is good for the skin.

For one, it improves blood circulation, nourishing your skin with oxygen and nutrients it needs. It also enhances lymphatic system functions, releasing those toxins in the body.

After that dry body brushing, add some salts into your tub to let your skin enjoy some good exfoliating. As you lay there in the tub, give your hair some TLC by using masks to nourish it. After your bath, pamper yourself with body oils.

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3. Go natural on makeup.

That sounds like an irony, but this just means that you go for makeup that has natural ingredients. Most products today have chemicals that could be unhealthy for you, so you might want to stay away from those. Look instead for items that have organic ingredients.

This will nourish your skin while keeping your face on point. And even though you have organic makeup sitting on your face, don’t forget to remove them properly before you sleep. Follow your nighttime skincare routine.

Beauty works — it requires effort, but it pays off. Stick to these rituals to be the best, beautiful version of yourself.