young lady wearing a cowboy hatA hat is one of the most personalized pieces of clothing you can wear. Experts say every hat has a defining story to tell about the one wearing it. And while you may wear a hat for protection from the sun or as a fashion statement, ideally, it’s the style, color, quality, condition, and tilt of your hat that speaks volumes about you.

Now, Down to Straw Cowboy Hats

For decades now, these hats have been the most popular types for ladies, irrespective of the season. If you have one, you’ll agree that you love them for their lightweight and breathability properties, besides being able to block the sun rays quite effectively, says A.A. Callister. You’ll equally agree that it was a little tricky to find the right hat for you among the many straw cowboy hats for girls.


It’s imperative that the fabric of the hat offers proper air ventilation and high breathability. Also, check whether the material has ultraviolet protection to protect you from the sun and the fabric from degrading.


Pay attention to the color of the hat you are planning to purchase. White and bright color reflects the heat from the sun. That means wearing a white hat will make you feel cooler under the heat than when you wear a black hat, but if you are planning to wear your cowboy hats in classy events, a black one will do best.


The brim of the straw hat should be wide enough, both length- and breadth-wise, to cover your face, your ears, and your neck. However, one disadvantage you might encounter with a wide-brimmed hat could be over-shadowing your face, which most people dislike.

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It’s advisable you don’t go out in the sun without your hat. However, how well you choose your hats will determine how effective they will be in protecting you from the harsh sun rays. You also want to remain fashionable; so, why not choose right?