brideMost couples want to hold their wedding on a weekend, but the high rates during this time would be the trade-off for wanting to make their special day as convenient as possible.

If you plan to tie the knot in Colorado, a wedding coordinator in Denver will be able to help you find the cheapest places. However, it’s likely best for your budget to skip Saturday night for most places, especially during the popular month of June.

Peak Times

The rates for Saturday nights vary in different cities. For instance, some places in Brooklyn, NY, could cost up to $12,000 to rent at that time. Even if you book it on a Thursday evening, it can still be too expensive at $8,000.

In case you want more of your guests to be free, Friday nights are the next best option for an evening reception. It will still be expensive, but not as much as holding the reception on the following night.

Those who prioritize saving money would save the most when they choose to have the reception at brunch time.

Wedding Costs

The need to be more prudent about saving money on a venue becomes more necessary today, as the average cost of a wedding in the US reaches almost $33,400. Couples are likely to spend more in major cities, such as in New York where it can cost a staggering $77,000.

Still, it’s possible to tie the knot for less than $1,000 with a strict budget. This will require discipline and some creativity to make the event memorable.

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A wedding marks an important milestone for anyone yet it shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Couples should be more practical in spending most of their money for the future. If you find it too stressful to book an affordable place, hire a wedding coordinator to do it for you.