Professional Air Conditioner Repair ManMillennials love to DIY. Many deliberately forgo professional service to save on money, while others distrust technicians and feel like they’re not being charged fairly. In the age of YouTube, it’s easier to become an armchair expert now more than ever.

But when it comes to HVAC projects, it’s better not to try your hand at them. Whether you need an air conditioning repair or furnace replacement, working with experienced professionals from companies like Whipple Service Champions is necessary for many reasons.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do any of them yourself:

You Might Botch the Job

Unless you’re a NATE-certified technician yourself with a complete arsenal of specialized tools, you’re not qualified to service your broken HVAC equipment. You might not succeed in fixing the problem at best. Any workmanship error you might commit that worsens the damage can be taken against you. Your unit’s manufacturer might void its warranty coverage, making you liable for the situation.

You Might Hurt Yourself

HVAC repairs involve electrical work, which puts you at risk of electrocution. You’d be lucky if all you ever get is a shock. Also, you might be exposed to the refrigerant, and impair your health. Self-respecting technicians never handle HVAC projects without wearing safety gear and taking other precautions to identify and manage hazards.

You Might Cause a Fire

Tampering with electrical connections can lead to a fire. Based on National Fire Protection Association data, HVAC systems were involved in about 7,400 home fires in 2010, costing $207 million in direct property damage. You may have insurance, but your claim might be denied if you’re found to be the perpetrator.

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Hiring a qualified technician to carry out the necessary HVAC repairs can cost money, but it’s a price worth paying. Considering the high stakes associated with a failed DIY project, leave your heating or cooling unit in the hands of reliable professionals.