Stylish kitchen countersSo, you’ve finally decided to change things up in your kitchen. If you realized that you need more working space or more organized shelves, a renovation should help you do that. Jayfurn Industries, an expert in steel kitchen design and manufacturing, believes in designing kitchen cabinets in such a way that it gives a small kitchen more working space. This helps you move around more freely as you prepare your meals. Here are 4 renovation tips that are meant to make your kitchen duties easier.

1. Create separate areas for cooking and preparation

Cooking a meal always starts with preparing your ingredients. This means peeling, cutting and slicing raw food. After that comes the cooking itself. Having a separate counter for this two tasks can help make your kitchen work more organized and systematic. Be sure to keep your sink accessible throughout both tasks to make sure you can keep things clean at all times.

2. Carefully plan the in-betweens

Have you experienced bumping your back against a table because you opened a drawer in front of you? Or finding it hard to clean between appliances because they’re spaced too close to each other? Measuring the space you’ll need for every part of your kitchen is crucial to the comfort you need while cooking. Make sure you have this planned out before installing fixed cabinets or drawers.

3. Use lazy-Susans for corner cabinets

If you have an L-shaped counter, then you have a corner cabinet that’s difficult to reach in to. Put a smaller version of a lazy-Susan in that corner to make it easier for you to get whatever it is you have to store there.

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4. Mind your flooring

Kitchen floors are always prone to spills and squishy food droppings. You should have anti-slip mats in places that are most likely to get wet. You can also get an anti-fatigue mat for those areas where you have to stand for long periods of time. This way, you can cook all day and not have to deal with heavy legs by the time you come home.

You deserve to move around in your cooking realm comfortably and without having to worry about tripping or causing any kitchen accidents. Try these smart tips for your next kitchen renovation for a more pleasant cooking experience.