Bride With Wedding Planner In MarqueeCouples typically spend weeks and months preparing for their big day. But aside from the time given in making sure their special day is extraordinary, a lot of couples also save up to have ample budget for the big event. After all, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

But, no matter how financially prepared you are, practicality should still be prioritized. One of the most practical acts when planning a wedding and knowing which ones to buy, and which ones to rent instead. Companies that offer wedding décor rentals in Denver, CO are abundant. But there are a lot of other things you can rent instead of buying to help you save money. Below are some of them.

Things to rent on your wedding day:


If you plan to hold your wedding in your backyard, then hiring a tent is a must. There are a lot of companies that offer such services. Unless you plan to use your backyard as an events place venue and make it a business, renting one would be more practical.


This is a personal choice, but it is a known reality that one’s wedding dress is commonly worn only once, just for the occasion. So are your bridesmaids, the best men, groom, and everyone in the entourage. Do not be afraid to rent your attires for the occasion.


Feeding 150 guests would mean you need to have at least 200 plates. Where would you store them after the celebration? How often will you use them after? Renting these will save you from such dilemma.

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Depending on your wedding’s theme, additional attractions like cotton candy stand, lounge furniture, and popcorn stands, among others can easily be rented to add more life to your party. Ask your supplier for recommendations and other additional services.

Weddings are truly exciting, and you will enjoy it even more if your finances can be properly allocated with the help of renting.