Winter gearMost of us absentmindedly throw away our winter gear into the deepest part of the closet as they won’t be seeing the light of day for several months.

However, stashing your winter gear during the summer requires more than just putting them into storage boxes. Your bright snowboard jackets might lose their shine by doing this, but there are ways to extend their lifespan. Here are some ideas from

Hanging Out

Aside from jackets, it’s best to hang your gloves and snow pants to retain their waterproofing. Some people place them in vacuumed storage bags. It might be useful to place some fabric softener sheets inside your gloves to keep them from becoming tight.

Fabric softener sheets are also a good option to prevent smelly odors from building up inside your snow boots. Even if you don’t have a foot problem, boots tend to emit their own smell.

Remember to check on them from time to time, so you won’t be throwing them away if the smell becomes unbearable. If you have the cash to burn, here are some factors to consider before buying new winter gear.

Shopping Choices

It’s quite odd to shop for winter clothes at this time of the month, but you’re more likely to see stores that offer bargain deals due to the lean period. When buying bright snowboard jackets, it’s important to pay attention if the material is waterproof.

You would also want the jacket to be breathable as well while letting heat escape as you move along. Those who shop online should look for the level of waterproofing in a jacket, which is often stated in numbers. The average waterproof level measures at least 10,000mm.

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Winter won’t arrive until the next six months at least, so make sure you store your clothes properly. If you intend to buy new gear, there are stores that specialize in winter clothes whether you’re a man or a woman.