Kid splashing to the poolFinding the time to spend with our kids is not always easy, given that most of us lead busy lifestyles. The few moments we get to take a break, therefore, should be maximized.

The perfect family outing, which is expected to bring happiness to our loved ones regardless of age, can be a visit to an amusement park. A good example would be a theme park with water slides, especially when you want to cool off and experience some thrill. Fortunately, many water rides are available at kid’s theme parks in NJ. Here are a few of the best ones for your family.

Uphill Water Coasters

This is a cross between a roller coaster and a water slide. It defies gravity by using various powered elements, which propel water rafts uphill on a water slide. While some uphill water coasters are driven by strong water jets, others use some form of magnetic induction technology to push you upwards.

Bowl Rides

These come in open and closed top configurations. The closed ones have added effects, including music and lighting. Regardless of the configuration, you will plummet down a water slide then gradually gather speed before entering a bowl where you are swished several times and dumped into a splash pool. Families can opt for multi-person rafts to enjoy this fun together.

Funnel Rides

This ride sends its passengers into massive sideways-facing funnels in four-person cloverleaf-shaped tubes. You will soar up and down in the funnel with periods of weightlessness. As your tube loses its force, a rush of water will send you through the funnel’s narrow end and drop you into a splash pool.

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A few outings will surely give you a deeper bond as a family, and it’s all thanks to the above water rides at theme parks. There are various safety features at these parks, so you don’t have to worry about your kids.