side view of woman in swimsuitFretting about not having a “bikini body”? Of late, there has been a greater emphasis on loving your body the way it is. That said, it can get difficult to love your body if you feel you don’t look good in what you’re wearing.

Cut, Color, and Pattern

Be it a one-piece or a two-piece, you can use the cut, color, and pattern of your swimsuit to your advantage.

One way to look great in your swimsuit is to accentuate the positive. No matter your shape or size, you will usually have a body part that you love to flaunt. Find it and bring focus to it. Are you proud of the work you’ve done on your arms and shoulders? A halter top can help you do just that!

Another way to use the cut, color, and pattern is to create illusions. Short legs can look a little longer and, sometimes, leaner, if you wear a suit with a high-cut leg. Or create the body shape you want by using the colors and patterns to contour your body.

Get the Right Size

Always get the size that fits you now instead of falling into the trap of getting a smaller size because you’ll lose weight or plan to. Usually, the point of going for a swim is to either get fit or to relax. You won’t be able to look forward to heading for the pool or hitting the beach if you have the pressure to lose weight hanging over your head. Get what fits now so you can use it now. You can always worry about what to do when your swimsuit is too loose later.

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Buying Your Swimsuit

You can buy your swimsuit online or offline. Offline is easier because you can try on as many types of swimwear as you like. Finding the right one-piece swimwear online is slightly more problematic compared to getting a two-piece suit since most types of one-piece swimwear are not adjustable. But Revel Rey notes that if you’re armed with accurate measurements and the determination to read the descriptions, however, it’s entirely possible to enjoy stress-free swimwear shopping in preparation for your days by and in the water.