a smiling womanWhat have you done for yourself lately? With the stresses of work and your family demanding so many things from you, it’s like that commute stuck in traffic is the only time you have for yourself.

Don’t let that be the case. These simple changes won’t bankrupt you, and they won’t take too much time either:

Go window shopping ​

Looking at pretty things can be therapeutic, and what’s prettier than necklaces and fashionable clothes? Even if you can’t afford Gucci and other luxury clothing brands out there, going inside their stores and being treated with a smile can already lift your mood. If you’ve got a bit to spare, head to your favorite jewelers in Utah and actually buy something. It doesn’t have to cost too much, but it can be an investment.

Eat lunch in peace ​

During lunch, you’re supposed to get out of work and get a little break for nourishment. When things are a little too hectic, however, that lunch becomes an additional hour for work, with a few bites in between. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to take a midday break from charts, reports, and your manager’s nagging. Go out and find a quiet spot to recharge your brain while nourishing your body.

Sleep in ​

Weekends are your break, and even if you have to do something for the family, it can wait a couple more minutes. Start a little later, so you’ll feel that you have a bit of freedom. Just make sure that you’re back to your routine on Monday morning, as you don’t want to earn glares when you report to office late on the first day of the new workweek.

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You don’t need to go on a long vacation to reward yourself for all your hard work. Setting aside a couple of minutes or allowing yourself to slow down is enough.