haircut in a hair salonGood hair grooming is vital if one aims to make a good first impression. Hair salons recommend haircuts every 4-6 weeks for people with short hair, and every 8-10 weeks for those with long hair.

A good cut depends on the type of scissors or haircutting tool you use. You can be sure that you will never run out of hair cutting equipment, but are you sure you are using the right one? Among your essential tools are hair cutting scissors. The best way to know which scissors you need is to pair them with your hair cutting technique. Here is a guide for matching your scissors with your cutting technique.

Bob-Line Cutting

In this technique, the client’s hair is combed against his/her neckline. The ideal scissors for bob-line cutting are long shears of about 6.5’’-7’’. These shears allow you to make fewer cuts than you would when using other types of scissors. They also cut the hair in a straight line from one end to another. Long scissors also give a smoother cut and reduce the time you take to create a perfect bob-line.

Dry Cutting

This technique is ideal for fine and curly hair. It allows you to observe the weight distribution and natural movement of your client’s hair. Sword and k-style blades are the ideal ones for dry cutting since they have a convex-like shape for easier dry cutting. They result in a clean, effortless haircut and allow you to create the ideal hair movement and appearance.

Slide Cutting

This is the perfect hair cutting technique for creating a soft edge, thinning hair and boosting the texture of long and short lengths. The ideal shears for this technique are those with long blades. This is because the blades glide smoothly through the hair when making a slide cut.

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Meeting your clients’ needs is vital if you aim to keep your doors open for a long time. By stocking on all the necessary shears, you will surely make your customers happy and keep them coming back. Repeat business is, after all, a cornerstone of the hairdressing industry.