boating trip in the oceanGoing on a boating trip with your friends or family is always a great way to bond and relax. Getting your own pontoon boat will make your holidays more convenient and fun, as you can go sailing anytime you want, with whoever you want.

We all know how rough the sea can get at times, though, and the current is something that we can’t always predict. To stay safe in the ocean, D&R Sports Center (Boats Center) has compiled some of the most important safety tips to follow when using the pontoon boat you bought in Michigan.

Check Your Equipment

Inspect the parts of your boat before you leave. If it’s on a trailer, check if the pressure of each tire is just right to avoid accidents when you are in the water. Follow your state’s boating laws to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Most state laws will require safety chains for the boat to be completely secure when not in use.

You should also check the brakes, lights, and turn signals before you sail. Make sure the floatation devices and other safety equipment are all ready and secure to prevent them from flying off when you start sailing.

How to Deal with a Rough Weather

Pontoon boats work differently compared to the usual aluminum or fiberglass boat. Be familiar with how your own pontoon boat works before sailing to make sure you know what to do when faced with a harsh weather. Always remember to bring your floatation devices and safety equipment, as well as your first-aid kit, so you can be ready for any type of situation.

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Know what to do

Pontoon boats are popularly known as party boats; therefore, it’s easy to get drunk and wasted when riding one. Make sure the assigned driver of the boat stays sober throughout the trip. Never overload your boat or drive it too fast.

It’s also a must to check the weather before sailing and if you know that the weather condition is not going to be good, then cancel your plans and take a rain check instead.

It is always best to be safe when having fun in the sea. Be responsible, stay calm during emergencies, and know what to bring.