Man cycling on the roadTo stay safe while cycling, donning the right gear is essential, and cycling glasses are a must-have. Luxury eyewear brands offer plenty of products that meet the necessary requirements, but there are also mid-level frames that cater to your needs.

To help you settle on one that is not only cool but functional too, here are some features to consider when buying cycling glasses online.

Lens Colour

Lenses are the most important part of cycling glasses. The tint affects vision clarity and will dictate when wearing them is appropriate. Dark lenses offer UV filtration to protect the eyes from sunburns while a yellow tint is meant for overcast conditions. Clear lenses allow for riding in the dark. A set of interchangeable lenses is convenient as it allows you to swap them depending on the prevailing conditions. You could also opt for photo-chromatic lenses as they change the tint as you go.

Special Coating

Lenses with a hydrophobic coating ensure that water drips down and doesn’t cling so you can see clearly when it is raining. Additionally, an anti-scratch coating protects them from damage. Another extra feature is having polarised lenses which stop blinding glares emanating from cars, water bodies and buildings.

Excellent Fit for Proper Coverage

Efficient cycling glasses should give clarity while protecting your eyes. They should offer decent coverage to bar the sun rays, water, wind, and bugs. The frame should stay in place with the arms holding them in place when you move. The nose piece should secure them from slipping. If you are uncertain about your size while shopping online, go for glasses with adjustable components.

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Your cycling glasses should not just improve your vision but also aid your performance. They should offer the eyes necessary protection so you can enjoy the sport long term.