Woman getting botox injection in foreheadUnderstanding the process of getting Botox in Kingston can help someone make the decision to go ahead. This includes getting information on how the treatment is administered and the benefits, as well as being informed about any challenges.

A good practitioner, like Kingston Dental Clinic, will ensure that their clients are given all the information they need to make confident choices about their Botox in Kingston.

How is Botox in Kingston administered?

Botox is injected directly into the areas of the face where the patient wants to see results. These areas are chosen in conjunction with the practitioner who will be able to advise on the places where it will be most effective.

The results may not be visible straight away and can take a few weeks to appear. This is a plus for many people who want to see an effect, but they want it to be subtle enough so that they do not have to tell people that they have had a cosmetic procedure if they don’t want to.


Botox affects the muscles of the face to stop them from forming fine lines. This leads to smoother, younger looking skin.

The injections themselves are usually painless or there is only mild discomfort during the procedure.

It is fine to have Botox and then drive. Someone could easily fit an appointment to have this procedure into an otherwise busy, normal day.

The results are quite long-term although the exact length of time varies from patient to patient. Most can expect to see three to six months of results.

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Some things to bear in mind

It is not easy to predict exactly what effect Botox will have on each individual because everyone is different. While it has been used on millions worldwide and is considered to be safe, every medical procedure comes with risks and there are some reports of numbness and a lack of expressiveness after treatment in a few cases.

Some patients experience mild bruising after treatment. This can be exacerbated by alcohol consumption. If the procedure is intended to give the client’s looks a boost for a social event, it is recommended that they plan ahead and have their treatment 7-10 days beforehand.