House model with keysHome prices in three South Florida counties rose in January, which indicated that it was a seller’s market during the month based on a Florida Realtors report.

Home staging will help prospective sellers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach to offload their houses for a higher price. This also shortens the time that your listing stays on the market, as a renovated and prepped home will likely attract more buyers.

Valuable Counties

Broward led the three counties in terms of home price growth, following a 10.8% to $345,000. Residential sales by volume also topped the tri-county region with more than 2,140 transactions, although the biggest increase in sales took place in Miami-Dade where median home prices rose 6.5% to $330,000.

In Palm Beach County, the median home price rose 4.8% to $325,000 despite a slight increase in transactions to a total of 2,014 closed deals. If you’re planning to sell your home in this area, you can achieve a higher appraisal for your property. Even if you add simple improvements, such as antique fireplace surrounds or vintage furniture, it will help in creating a more refined look that will suit your target buyers’ preferences.

Home Staging or Design?

The act of staging a home is different than designing its interior spaces. Those who expect to stay indefinitely should consider the latter, while the former works better for people who plan to sell the house in the near future.

Another key difference between the two involves choosing the style or elements in decorating the house. Interior design addresses the preferences of the current inhabitants, while home stager sets up a house based on how another person imagines it after they buy the property.

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Consult with a real estate agent before planning a home sale. This will increase your chances of success in closing a profitable deal.