Smiling man in a livestock farmFor parents, choosing where to raise children is always a big question. There’s that pull towards the city, where all the advancements and access to just about anything are. However, there’s also that part where parents want their children to enjoy more of the old-fashioned life they had when they were kids.
Some parents take the road less traveled and start building a home for their family on the farm. It’s a big leap for city dwellers, but for people who grew up with memories of a simpler way of living, it’s a viable alternative.

One rich source of inspiration and ideas about the farm life is Bless This Mess. The site is filled with stories about farm life, from raising chickens and building your own farmhouse to recipes for healthy and organic meals. If you’re unsure about raising your kids on a farm, here are the top three reasons to consider it:

Active Lifestyle

Farm life is undoubtedly active. Work often begins at the break of dawn and ends at sundown. While there are machines like tractors that help with the farm work, most of the tasks are still done manually

This is one of the major advantages of living on a farm: you’re never sedentary. Before you can have breakfast, you may need to harvest eggs and pick your own tomatoes. It’s a great way to keep heart problems and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes at bay.

Early Concept of Responsibility

Children who live in farms are given chores and responsibilities at an early age. For most, it can be simple tasks, such as feeding the chickens or giving the pigs water several times a day. They’re trained to get up early and prioritize their chores before going to school and after they come home.

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Live Close to Nature

Living on a farm means your kids will grow up knowing where their food comes from. They’ll know the importance of planting and harvesting and how to preserve food for the winter months. They’ll know where steaks and pork chops come from, as well as how milk and cheese come are made.

Life at the farm doesn’t mean you won’t have access to comfort and convenience. You’ll have that, and more. It’s a serious decision to make for you and your family but remember that those who did it love the life they have.