a jewelry collectionSometimes, you are too attached to some items that letting go appears impossible. That’s especially true if you poured your soul into choosing the pieces in question. But sometimes, letting go of what you once deeply treasured is the sensible thing to do. That applies to your jewelry too. So when do you know that it’s time to replace your old jewelry?

There are more current options on offer

If there have been several updates to the piece of jewelry you are wearing, then it may be time to consider replacing it. Pearls, for instance, have gone through a reboot, with newer minimalist designs replacing the orderly strands of yesteryears. People are also increasingly ditching outdated gems and opting for custom jewelry design in St Louis. This may be the perfect time for you to do the same.

You haven’t worn most of your jewelry in a year

Typically, people wear outfits they love more frequently. If, while going through your jewelry collection, you discover that you are wearing most of your gems less than once a year, then it’s time to update it. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, especially if the jewelry in question has sentimental value or is an heirloom piece.

You no longer enjoy your current jewelry

There are times when a piece of jewelry just isn’t working for you not because it’s broken or unattractive, but because it reminds you of times you’d rather forget. When that is the case, then it’s time to set the jewelry aside to make room for newer jewelry – the kind that will brighten up your life again.

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Holding on to jewelry that you don’t like wearing anymore blocks you from finding new happiness in the form of pieces that will be useful to you. By decluttering your collection, you can make way for a fresh start.