Invisalign for upper and down teethHaving straight teeth has become much easier to achieve and therefore much more important for adults as well as youngsters. One of the worries that adults have about getting their teeth straightened revolves around how they will look with braces on. Many do not relish the thought of looking like an awkward adolescent for a year or more while they get their teeth straightened, which is why in St John’s Wood, Invisalign is very popular.

This method of teeth straightening bypasses the need for brackets cemented onto the fronts of the teeth, and there are no wires either. Instead, it relies on a series of mouth guard-style aligners that have carefully designed built-in pressure points that nudge the teeth into their correct position. In St John’s Wood, Invisalign is available from Invisalign-accredited dentists such as Aura Dental.

This way of straightening teeth works very well for people with mild to moderate misalignments andhas some significant pluses. Let’s take a look at them:


These clear aligners are 3D printed from very thin transparent rigid plastic. They are only 0.3 millimetres thick and when they are snapped over the teeth, they pretty much disappear from view and can only be spotted by the keenest observer. They also don’t interfere with speech. It means that the wearer need not worry about looking silly and can just get on with their job and their life with their dignity intact.


The other great thing about Invisalignin St Johns’ Wood is that the aligners are removable. In fact, patients have to take them out to eat or drink anything other than plain water, so that the aligners do not become discoloured. This means keeping their teeth and their aligners clean is very easy, just a good thorough brush and floss after eating and then put the aligners back in.It also means that patients can leave their aligners out for a few hours for very special occasions. That said, the aligners must be worn for at least 20 hours a day if the patient is to stick to the treatment schedule. On average, treatment takes a year.

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