a stressed-out womanMost employees in Australia believe that their employers are responsible for addressing workplace stress, aside from creating a conducive work environment.

Stressed employees are more than twice as likely to quit their jobs compared to those who are not stressed, according to a Workplace Well-being report. It based its findings on a survey of more than 1,000 workers. While the sample size may be small, it does provide companies with an idea about workplace stress.

Stress-Free Environment

The survey noted that 73 per cent of respondents are stressed at work, with more than half of all participants blaming unrealistic workloads as the culprit for feeling the pressure. On the other hand, 25 per cent of respondents are willing to pass on company perks in exchange for a better workplace environment.

Some employees are extremely stressed that they would pass on a raise or a promotion, as long as there is limited workplace stress. Companies should consider these as red flags, especially for outstanding talents, as your employees may be contemplating on leaving their jobs.

Coping with Stress

While it is almost impossible to eliminate work-related stress, there are ways to cope with it. For instance, a yoga detox retreat or exercise serves as the solution for some employees. Other simple ways include meditation and listening to music.

Some other forms of stress may come from the holiday season. Make sure you only spend within your budget, even if it is easier said than done. Money, or the lack of it, often causes people to be stressed out during this time of the year. If your situation allows it, give back to the less fortunate. You will be surprised how good it feels to help someone in need.

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Our personal and professional lives will always bring stress at some point in our lives, so it is important to have coping mechanisms. The way you deal with stress determines whether you will live a happy or miserable life.