man fishingWhat can you give a man who already has everything? Or, perhaps your dilemma lies in finding the perfect gift for the man who helped mold you – your dad. You can give the gift of your time, which remains a priceless commodity, and your effort to be with him. That said; you may want to make your Father’s Day celebration extra special for your now retired dad. Here are a few activities you can take the day off for, so you can spend it with your father.


Since your dad’s age requires a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a trip to your favorite fishing spot. If you intend to stay overnight, make sure that you’ve reserved a senior-friendly room or cabin. Also, bring your father with you when shopping for fishing tackle and gear at any of your chosen fishing stores in Michigan so he can make his own selection. Consider it an additional treat and worthy investment to buy your dad his own gear for future use.


If you both have your own golfing equipment and outfits, then take advantage of that by making an occasion of it. Golf is probably the only sport where you can pace yourself accordingly, and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty while having easygoing conversations. Golf can offer you both a calming and laid-back experience that you hardly notice the time or even your competitiveness.


This can mean anything from watching a game of your favorite sports team to attending a gala movie featuring your favorite actor or attending a concert of your favorite singer or band. Being fans of the same team/actor/band can strengthen your bond. If the concert, movie or game that you plan to attend doesn’t fall on a Father’s Day, you can just make the reservations weeks or months before. Once the date is finalized, announce the details to your dad via his Father’s Day card.

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Even if you think your dad has everything, don’t hesitate to offer your time and presence. After all, he is your son and most likely the best investment he has ever made. This coming Father’s Day, it is your turn to invest in him.