SentosaPicking the perfect holiday destination for your family can be difficult. You have to tick a lot of boxes, such as not being too expensive and choosing a place that is clean and safe. Moreover, it must not be hard to reach and offer plenty of fun activities for your kids. You may be unaware of this, but Singapore perfectly ticks all these boxes. Contrary to popular belief, this city won’t leave a hole in your wallet, especially with a Sentosa fun pass promo code for your trip.

Unexpectedly Affordable

You might have heard that Singapore can be very expensive, but this country is quite reasonably-priced for tourists. Their public transport is efficient, and it is affordable as long as you buy a Singapore Tourist Pass. A day of unlimited travel using bus and train services costs only SGD 14. Moreover, a cab ride from the airport to the central business district is less than half an hour long and costs less than SGD 30.

An Ultimate Family Playground

Sentosa is a sandy, lush resort island devoted to family relaxation, good times and fun. Many tourists come here, and it is the easiest way to enjoy family-friendly activities. With only a bridge connecting it to the main island of Singapore, you will find attractions such as Siloso Beach, and the Sentosa Merlion in here.

A Mixture of East and West

Singapore’s history has made it into a melting pot of both East and West, and everywhere in the island is a mixture of the traditional and the modern. From the malls along Orchard Road to its magnificent skyline, Singapore offers tourists an experience they can’t forget.

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Singapore has the perfect balance of fun for kids and adults. As much as you want your kids to enjoy your vacation, you also deserve to have the time of your life. Let Singapore give you the rest that your family deserves.