Leather bootsSo you love leather boots, but you are not sure how to take care of them. After all, leather shoes require a different level of maintenance than your usual shoes.

In U.S. alone, thousands and thousands of leather shoes are manufactured each year. Leather boots are especially famous in Texas because hey, cowboys! If you happen to be living in Texas and you are in need of a good pair of leather boots, you can definitely find the perfect pair in an Austin boot store.

Now, let’s discuss how you can properly take care of your boots to make them last longer:

Use a damp cloth

This is by far the easiest way to clean your leather boots. Get a clean piece of cloth, wet it a little, and clean your boots with it at least once a week. Do not put any soap or any other liquid on the cloth; just plain water would do.

Waterproof your boots

There are sprays and waxes that you can buy to make your boots resistant to both water and snow. You should do this method only once or twice, however, since overdoing it can actually harm your leather shoes. Waxes are more potent and effective than sprays and can be used with greater control and precision.


Yes, your leather boots need to be moisturized, too. Moisturizing your boots is especially important during the winter, as the cold weather can make the material crack and dry. There are leather conditioners available in the market, and you can buy those for about $10 or less each.

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Now that you know how to take good care of your leather boots, go ahead and buy more. You can never have too many shoes anyway.