T-shirt printingStatement t-shirts are no longer new. One of the earliest instances statement t-shirts captured the attention of many was during the 1948 presidential elections when Thomas Dewey championed the “Dew-it-for Dewey” slogan. Although he lost to Dwight Eisenhower, the campaign saw the potential of statement t-shirts.

If you are thinking about wearing shirts with messages like those from Word T-shirts, here are the top 3 reasons they are as popular as ever:

They help you share what you believe in

Statement shirts do not just stamp your uniqueness but also show the things that you believe in. By wearing one, you get to share with other people your thoughts and also spread the word about whatever it is you are fighting for.

They encourage other people to join the fight

Some of today’s most talked about t-shirt slogans are those that promote feminism and gender equality, like the “this is what a feminist looks like” shirts by the Fawcett Society.This type of slogan challenges the society’s ideas about who feminists are and shatters stereotypes of how they should look like. Actors Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Cumberbatch, for instance, also wore the shirts, sending a message that feminists need not be women.

They reach more people

Statement t-shirts are just like Facebook statuses or Twitter posts that reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people. When you wear one, a friend or an office colleague might also want to wear the same and join you in spreading the word. They can get the shirt from the same manufacturer or retail outlet you bought yours from, or create their own print and design with the same message.

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T-shirts are not just for making a fashion statement; they can also be for making a statement on what you believe in or what you are fighting for.

stay-at-home mom and home cook, currently living with her family in Montana.

stay-at-home mom and home cook, currently living with her family in Montana.