Happy Young Caucasian Family in Front of Sold Real Estate Sign.As a homebuyer in Cavite, Philippines, you are in for such a treat, what with the province’s urban living set in a lush environment, coupled with a cost of living lower than that of the Metro or the national average itself.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should no longer practice good buying behavior, especially since this is one of, if not the largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life.

While the cost of the house itself, as well as the expenses associated with your home loan, should be on top of your list, they aren’t the only variables you need to consider. There are several other important factors that need just as much attention, including the following:

The amenities and other desirable facilities

You don’t want to live somewhere too far from comfort that you would have to travel miles and miles just to get the nearest shopping center or food establishment.

Fortunately, though, the many restaurants at Lancaster New City in establishments such as LNC The Square is one of the primary reasons property investors have their eyes on this housing development.

In addition to the friendly, yet city-like vibe of the place, it offers residential and commercial property buyers a quiet and family-friendly location that meets their requirements when it comes to amenities and facilities.

The environment surrounding it

No matter how conveniently located a property is, if the area puts you a high risk of safety, security, and health hazards, then you shouldn’t even consider it. Indeed, there are things you can compromise on, but these three aren’t some of them.

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You and your loved ones definitely won’t feel comfortable or happy living in a messy, filthy environment and it won’t be long when everyone no longer even welcomes the thought of going home.

So before you sign any contract binding you to the purchase of a property, check with the local government, social services, and utilities to ensure that the area is well maintained, clean, sanitary, and organized.