Woman in glowing make-upTo say that the ’80s fashion trends made a comeback in 2017 can be wrong. Some say that the style influences of that decade never really went away. And this year wasn’t a comeback but rather the era’s peak.

Both household retail names and local online stores like Stylesforless.com are including nostalgic pieces to their racks and hangers. Most of these pieces are so popular that they end up in full mannequin displays or sale racks.

The Decade’s Appeal on Millennials

Millennials are oddly the biggest fans of ’80s trends and pop culture, considering most of the generation weren’t even born during that time. This is because the era represented individuality and defying society. The fashion, the music, and the fictional movie characters glorified quirkiness – which appealed to offbeat, nonconforming millennials.

This can explain the generation’s fondness for sassy, rebellious statement shirts. These plain shirts boast punk slogans in huge black lettering right smack in the middle. Even designers like Vivienne Westwood recently brought this trend to the runway like the punk that she is.

Additionally, the ’80s quirky characteristic gives millennials a sense of playfulness and naivety. This attracts millennials who are still scared of growing up. The vibe and feel are evident in denim jackets customized with different pins and patches. These decorations are usually symbols of inspiration from the wearer’s childhood.

Current Fashion Is “Old-Fashioned”

Another reason for the timelessness of ’80s trends is the recycling habits of the fashion industry. Fashion behaves in a way that it has to look back for it to evolve. This is why one is likely to have an “I’ve-seen-this-before” reaction to a 2017 trend.

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Fashionistas also find “old-fashioned” fashion to be refreshing and comforting. While modern trends aim for simplicity and edge, retro style brings effortless self-expression.

The ’80s was a loud era of colors, human traits, and daring fashion choices. All these concepts made the ’80s fashion as expressive, iconic, and timeless as it is today.