woman with invisible bracesOne of the most common things that people would like to change about their facial appearance is their smile and straightening crooked teeth is often a priority. A beautiful smile is an asset but, for so many people, misaligned, poorly spaced or overcrowded teeth make them feel self-conscious or anxious. Many adults did not have braces as a child as their problems were not severe enough for NHS treatment. As a result, lots of people resign themselves to a lifetime of unsightly teeth but the good news is that it is never too late for adults to have treatment. It is no longer necessary to have metal braces as advances in technology mean that clear braces in Buckinghamshire are available.

Braces that only the wearer knows about

More and more adults are seeking treatment to straighten their teeth but need a method that is unobtrusive and fits in with their lifestyle. Professional and social interactions are usually better if the person wearing braces is not worrying about whether others can see them. For many patients in Buckinghamshire, clear braces are an ideal option. Treatment time is often shorter than traditional methods and can be as rapid as six months. Dental practices such as Garden View fit clear braces in Buckinghamshire and find that they are popular because they are convenient, effective and discreet.

Why have straighter teeth?

Having correctly aligned teeth contributes to having a beautiful smile and this has a great impact on self-esteem for many people. For some patients in Buckinghamshire, clear braces have changed their lives. Before treatment, they were hiding their smiles, feeling awkward or avoiding social situations. Clear braces in Buckinghamshire have enabled them to enjoy their smiles again. In addition, what some people do not realise is that straight teeth are also healthier. Wonky teeth are harder to clean and have more crevices where plaque can accumulate. This can lead to cavities, gum disease and bad breath which can be very distressing. Correctly positioned teeth also prevent other teeth from drifting so having teeth straightening treatment really is an investment in oral health as well as appearances.

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