body oils made from natural ingredientsBody oils are great for massages and moisturizing dehydrated skin. But, do you know that this all-natural product can do better than improve the skin? Organic and cost-efficient, we list down seven great uses of body oils.


Aromatic body oils can double as a perfume. In fact, compared to eau de toilette, their fragrance sticks and lingers on the skin much longer. Rub a small amount on pulse points like your inner wrists or behind the earlobes.

Shaving oil

Body oil is a great alternative to shaving creams, especially for people with extremely sensitive skin. Other than being cheaper, body oils feel smoother and silkier on the legs and pits.

Makeup remover

Commercial makeup removers typically contain ingredients that are bad for the skin. Keep it natural by using body oils instead. Go for jojoba or sweet almond oil for a clean and well-nourished feel.

Tanning oil

Tanning lotions smell great, but they leave that heavy, sticky feeling after application. For a light, non-greasy feel, look for a Bali Body golden tanning oil with an SPF above 30. Make sure it’s in moisturizing ingredients, too.

Hair conditioner

Too much sun exposure can dry and tangle the hair. Bring your beautiful locks back by deep-conditioning. Rub a generous amount of coconut oil before bed and keep it overnight for softer, tangle-free hair. Other than conditioning, coconut oil treats dry split ends too.

Lip softener

Extreme weather conditions can dry and chap the lips. If lip balms don’t work for you, try moisturizing your lips with a mixture of brown sugar, vanilla extract, and body oil. Gently rub it on your lips and wipe with a soft cloth.

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For scars and stretch marks

Other than its hydrating benefits, certain kinds of body oil can repair the skin too. Rose hip oil, for example, repairs and heals scars while grape seed oil can get rid of stretch marks.

There are many kinds of body oils, each fulfilling different needs. Opt for one that smells great, moisturizes the skin, and can cater to your requirements.