Autumn morningThe season for pumpkin spice lattes is here. It’s also time for you to start gearing up for the chilly weather, which means rocking your stylish jackets and coats.

Why not try something different this time? Instead of jackets and coats, go for ponchos. True Grit and a few other stores have these in stock so why not check them out?

Boho Chic(k)

Ponchos are loose-fitted outerwear pieces that cover your torso from back to front. Made from a variety of materials, these can go from plain to detailed in large, geometric shapes.

What’s appealing about ponchos is that you’ll look incredibly chic even in a chunky knit. Whether you want to pair it with a pencil skirt, tights, or jeans, you can count on its versatility.

You can put it on for work. You can throw it on for an evening out. You can bring it along for a weekend romp with friends or a special someone. You can’t go wrong with this chic cover up for fall and winter.

Aside from its versatility, the contemporary poncho also comes in variety of styles; some even look more like a cape, which delivers even more impact to your outfit. Designers also use an array of luxurious fabrics and visually appealing prints and patterns, making the garment suitable for fashionable men.

A Male Celebrity’s Love Affair with Ponchos

Ponchos aren’t just for women. Academy Award winner Jared Leto is fond of using these and capes. The actor-slash-musician proves that these aren’t just for hiding from the paparazzi, as he has been seen and photographed sporting this type of cover up in various events, such as the recently concluded 2017 MTV Video Music Awards where he wore a sequined number.

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Fall fashion isn’t just for jacket and coats. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ponchos. They are comfortable and perfect for the cold weather. And they won’t compromise your style.