friends drinking at a barSan Diego gentlemen’s clubs in California such as Pacers Showgirls International will still need to abide by a state law that requires bars and other similar businesses to serve alcohol until 2 a.m.

That’s because the state Assembly Appropriations Committee turned down a proposal, which would allow patrons to buy alcohol for two more hours past the current deadline.

Closing Time

The proposal would have also permitted bars and clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco to extend their business hours. State Sen. Scott Wiener floated the proposal in February, and his office announced that it would remain committed to pursuing such reforms.

Wiener said that the Let Our Communities Adjust Late-night (LOCAL) Act would generate more revenue for California, by attracting more tourists to spend the nightlife in the state. However, critics believe that the existing 2 a.m. last call should remain in place, in light of alcohol-related dangers to public safety. Since Prohibition, the state has received at least proposals to amend the current deadline for serving alcohol.

Sign the Petition

Former state Sen. Mark Leno’s previous two bills are almost the same with the LOCAL Act. His last attempt to change the deadline took place in 2013, although it was withdrawn due to lack of support from the committee.

On the other hand, Wiener’s proposal gained more momentum that allowed it to move forward to the legislative process before the committee rejected it. He attributed the progress to more young people in the major cities, new lawmakers and more transportation options among other factors. There had been more than 500 people that signed a petition to pass the bill before getting the axe.

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Supports of the proposed last call extension argue that approval would further stimulate the economy. Do you think that California should make changes to the closing time of nightlife businesses?